Sales lead tracking & management software - LEADTRACK
LEADTRACK™ is a unique company offering sales lead management, CRM and sales tracking software on both cloud based and client server platforms.  Let us show you how to close more deals, organize your sales force and measure all of your marketing investments. 
  • 80% of Trade Show Leads are never followed up
  • Double the number of leads pursued and you will double your sales
  • 70% of leads generated by marketing departments are not pursued by sales
  • Responding to leads within an hour will generate7 times the conversations with prospects.
Explore LEADTRACK‘s simple, affordable and custom application software solutions. Our proven sales lead  and customer relationship management tools will speed your leads to sales, allow easy updates, close the loop and increase revenue.
Application Software in the cloud or on your server
Customized Sales Tracking Software
Sales lead management software with seamless business interface

Application Software Installed on Your Server or in the Cloud on Our Server

Sales Tracking Software is Customized to Match Your Workflow

Sales Lead Management Software with Seamless
Business Interface

LEADTRACK can be installed on your server behind your firewall and purchased as a perpetual license. This means you own this custom built application. With no monthly user fees you control the security of your data. Most cloud based apps are priced per user.  Whether the user has a need to log in once a month or once an hour, you are billed for each user, every month. We know that billing per user doesn’t meet every company’s needs. While sales people need daily access to a CRM or sales lead management tool, other departments may only need to log in occasionally. Indirect channel partners may only need to update a few leads per month. With LEADTRACK you get all of the features and benefits of cloud based solutions and never have to pay monthly user subscription fees.
If a cloud based alternative is what you need we also offer the same custom bilt application software housed on our servers. This sales tracking software is calledLEADTRACK on Demand and can be sold as a monthly subscription or outright purchase. 
Public cloud based CRM offerings are designed in an effort to be all things to all people. With custom-built application software from LEADTRACK, you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary features that are included in a “one size fits all” solution and in many cases the features you desire may only be a fraction of the system. With most  cloud sales tracking software, it is your responsibility to properly configure and deploy the entire software package or hire one of their specialists or consultants to configure the sales tracking software and train your team.
At LEADTRACK, we build your application software to match your workflow rather than changing your workflow to match our sales lead management application. We will work with you throughout the development and training process at no added cost to be sure the sales lead management software is working the way you want it to. With this methodology, you will reduce training time, configuration cost and user frustration and have sales tracking software that exactly meets your needs.
Unlike the majority of sales lead management applications that dictate how your business systems must interface with them, we will work with your IT department to interface directly with your company programs.  Public cloud application software programs are rigid prepackaged solutions that you need to adapt to. They have API’s that allow you to exchange data to and from the cloud application. Most public cloud providers actually charge you for this privilege. 

With LEADTRACK custom built sales tracking software you tell us what you need and we build your application software to interface with your other business systems.  We normally don’t charge extra for this as we feel the ability to interface with other systems is a critical part of every application. It should not be an add-on.

We know your daily operations will run more efficiently when your custom sales tracking software is integrated across all of your business system platforms to ensure a smooth exchange of company information.