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The LEADTRACK heritage began in 1934 as an advertising agency in Detroit. The founders created advertising copy and photography for print ads and radio commercials. Over the years, the company developed a prestigious client portfolio including familiar names like Vlasic Pickle and Delta Faucet. In 1979, the company redirected its focus from creating the ads to measuring the effectiveness of the advertising with the development of sales lead tracking software to track multi-media campaign effectiveness. Eventually our sales lead management custom software application evolved into a robust sales lead tracking software application with a variety of options including mobile, client and cloud based CRM.  See our testimonials below to see how our custom software development team and US based support has helped companies in diverse industries to improve sales lead management and their bottom line. 
LEADTRACK is a family owned company with all employees sharing in the success of the business. We know from decades of experience in lead tracking and sales lead management software development and deployment that we are successful only if our clients are successful. We understand that if a client has a support issue it needs to be addressed immediately. Not through an off shore call center or chat line but with a conversation with a live US based technician. And if you request a custom enhancement, you need to know the exact cost and timeline to get it done. We deliver on this commitment every day knowing that your success equates to success for LEADTRACK and its employees.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours!
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Tectum, Inc.   Newark, OH
Magna Resources  Dallas, TX
Securus  America   Matawan,  NJ
“Easy to learn and use, LEADTRACK Software is the premier lead tracking software in the industry. In a fast paced business world where time is limited, LEADTRACK Software enables us to quickly respond to leads while maintaining excellent accuracy. 
 LEADTRACK customer service has customized their program to fit my needs on a number of occasions.  Whether it be customizing import programs or adjusting screen displays, the customer service team is always easy to work with and willing to help in any way possible.  Quick response time can mean the difference between a successful day and a lost day.  Very few companies respond as quickly as LEADTRACK.  Their customer service is able to quickly identify and solve issues. 
 I have used other lead tracking software in the past and nothing stands up to the quality program and customer service that LEADTRACK provides.”
Steven J. Udolph
Market Manager
Tectum Inc.
A client since 1988, Tectum uses LEADTRACK to speed leads to their indirect sales channel for sale of wood fiber interior and roof deck acoustical products.
“In 2007 our organization was searching for a CRM platform that could be programmed to meet our specific needs.  LEADTRACK turned out to be the best solution.  We were able to customize the software; including screen layout and file exports; making it highly efficient and easy to use.  Amy has worked with us efficiently over the years to upgrade and trouble-shoot any issues that came up with the growth of our company.  I wish all software companies had this type of support!
All of my interaction with them has been completely professional.  I highly recommend this team.” 
Donna Weisenborn
Executive Administrator
Magna Resources Management Corp.
A client since 2007 Magna Resources uses a customized version of LEADTRACK to sell oil and gas investments through their dealer-broker call center.
“I knew that I had the right company when I spoke to you on the phone.  I felt even better after meeting you in person.  Now after working with your developers I am blown away I am so impressed and excited about this project and I appreciate the fact that your team runs at my speed…overdrive.
In all of the years of doing the things I do, I have never worked with a more competent development team.
Amy has been soooo much more than excellent to work with….it’s not possible for me to communicate it through words. AMY IS INCREDIBLE!
LEADTRACK has been everything they said they would be and more!”
Thomas Graziano, V.P. of Operations, Securus America
450 Raritan Center Parkway, Suite I, Edison, NJ 08837
A client since 2015 Securus uses LEADTRACK CS and LEADTRACK Web to distribute leads and manage follow up through more than 500 insurance sales agents.
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