Sales lead tracking & management software - LEADTRACK
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Simplicity  to manage leads for remote sales reps, partners and distributors – no login and no training required to update leads. Remote users do not require a setup or configuration on their PC, Mac, iPad or Mobile device with access to records through email links or login through the cloud.
Security – With Leadtrack CRM software everything is within your corporate firewall or on our servers housed in Amazon Web Services facilities. Your data is as secure as your corporate security policies or Amazon Web Services infrastructure, so no one can access your data without your knowledge.
Easy Updates - We offer a number of different options to allow the field to easily update leads and close the loop with easy access to your LEADTRACK Sales Lead Tracking application. Some options have no user subscription fees.
Auto posting of leads from your web forms or other lead sources to the LEADTRACK Sales Lead Management data base. This will ensure that valuable sales leads are responded to instantly and that you manage leads from inception to sale.
Assignment – Leads are automatically assigned based on your criteria (sales territory hierarchy; geography (State, Zip, County or Country); product interest; round robin or account classification.
Deduplication – One of the biggest flaws in most CRM software programs is the duplication of records causing your prospects and clients to receive multiple direct mail and email communications. This makes your company look like you don’t know what you are doing. With Leadtrack CRM and Lead Tracking software you set the parameters so the system automatically identifies duplicate records.
Value – With LEADTRACK Sales Lead Management software you have the option to have NO RECURRING MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEES or industry low monthly user rates.  You choose the option that is best for you.