Sales lead tracking & management software - LEADTRACK
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LEADTRACK designs and builds custom client server or cloud applications software for marketing and sales organizations to meet the needs of any industry. With our heritage of custom software development we deliver CRM application software with personalized setup and configuration to exactly meet your business needs. Whether it is based on your server or cloud based CRM on our servers, our custom software solutions will do just what you want - not what we want. With extensive experience across all lines of business we can help you navigate the many challenges that sales lead management and CRM throw at you. Our apps make it easy to import sales leads from any source; filter for duplicates; assign across diverse sales channels and provide simple updating tools to help you manage the sales lead management pipeline.
We build every client data base to exactly meet your needs. Most cloud based CRM applications like SalesForce are designed to be all things to all people and include a lot functionality that you may or may not need. These additional/unused features come at an expense in the form of complexity, time and money. With custom software from LEADTRACK you get exactly what you need without the unwanted bells and whistles. Training your team takes less time because we design the sales lead management application based on your business processes rather than forcing you to conform to a rigid, mammoth, all things for all people solution. With our custom designed sales lead management and customer relationship management software you will have a program designed to meet your existing business processes that your employees are already familiar with. Call us today to learn more about how LEADTRACK can improve sales lead management, sales lead tracking and customer relationship management with custom software at a reasonable price.
CRM and Sales Lead Tracking Software for small or large teams
Browser Access from any mobile device
LEADTRACK offers solutions with or without monthly user fees and application software for businesses in all sectors including:
  • Manufacturing
  • Roofing and Home Improvement
  • Insurance
  • Call Center
  • Construction
  • Dealer/Broker
  • Legal
  • Health Care
  • Transportation and Third Party Logistics